Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beat It, Nerd 2.0 Is Online And Fully Operational

Whew -- the dust is all but settled, and Beat It, Nerd is officially nuzzled in sweet momma Blogger Beta's warm embrace. Lest she be forgotten, though, here's one last look at the original site (click for a larger image, if you're into staring at dinosaurs):

If you're a current Blogger user, and have the option of switching to Blogger Beta, I highly recommend it. If you're not getting an update invite on your Blogger dashboard, it's still possible to switch your blog -- as seen here, duh -- but it will take a good amount of time. Especially if you have a large blog. That said, here's some of the new features offered by Blogger Beta:

* First, my favorite addition: post topics/meta-tags, with the option to post a complete list of your blog's topics in the sidebar (or elsewhere if you want to get real crazy).

* Faster blog & post editing with tons more options for each.

* HTML-free color, font, layout & blog features editing (though you'll still need to go to the HTML editor for some things).

* Better archive layout and options.

That's not all, but those are the things that caught my eye. Give it a spin yourself if you wanna know more, or don't. What do I care?

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