Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quite Possibly The Most Awesome Japanese Characters Ever

First, as a bit of backstory, about six months ago I expanded or wrote every Wikipedia article about Bon Scott-era AC/DC albums, most of the articles for those albums' songs, and even ones for Back in Black, ACDC Lane and more. I also strengthened a few other music articles, but High Voltage to Highway to Hell was my primary focus. A lot of man-hours were involved, but I like the concept of Wikipedia and felt, as a writer/editor, that I had a duty to help them out in whatever small way I could. I'm sappy like that.

Back to the present, I still patrol those pages on a fairly regular basis -- you know, make sure no jealous Brian Johnson fans are messing up the place, that sort of thing. And every now and then, I go check out other countries' AC/DC pages, just to see what they've got cooking. Tonight, I hit up Japan's page... which is why I'm now pleased to present six series of Japanese characters you can wear without fear that they say something unflattering. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you -- AC/DC, THE BON SCOTT VERSION, IN JAPANESE!!!



Thank you, Tokyo! Goodnight!

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