Sunday, October 15, 2006

Moving Day

Swank new digs, no? And it's on the even swankier new "Blogger Beta." Only thing is, Blogger didn't deem the original Beat It, Nerd swanky enough to extend an invitation to migrate to Blogger Beta, so I had to take a very long route to get here. Fortunately, and almost by chance, I found out that deleted-blog URLs are now instantly available. So, it was "just" a matter of deleting the original, starting a Blogger Beta account, relaunching the old URL on the new account, and now the fun part: transferring the old posts, having already saved the HTML for each in Microsoft Word documents. Quite a fun afternoon ahead of me...


Far Northender said...

Very nice! What are the advantages of beta over regular old blogger?

Shelton said...

Literally too many to go into in the low-rent comments section, but I'm planning a bigger post on it either tonight or tomorrow. To tide you over till then, big points are:

* New font/color interface that requires no HTML knowledge.

* Much easier/quicker editing (for example, when logged in, I can edit the site's archives section by clicking an "editing" link that appears right on the actual blog page).

* Perhaps my favorite, you can now do "tags," "posted ins," "topics," etc (as seen on many, many, many pro-blogs these days), and you can call them whatever you want. Then, using the easier-than-ever layout editor, you can add them all to your sidebar, as I'm doing here.

Alright, back to work for me.