Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Avenging Stamp, Part II

Well, looks like fans are speculating their asses off as to what images will be used on these Marvel stamps. In fact, one of them even came up with his/her own Spider-Woman stamp designs. Following his lead, and stealing his stamp template, I whipped up the following suggestions for the Post Master General re: Sub-Mariner's first-class postage. First up are the two I'd go with if I had my druthers:

Nice, huh? For the cover, we have a classic Silver Age "Angry Namor," attacking the terrified masses of downtown Manhattan, with a solo image lifted from John Buscema's cover to 1968's Sub-Mariner (vol. 2) #1. Of course, The Powers That Be will probably balk at the idea of a stamp depicting a Speedo-clad madman attacking New York City, so we have the following alternatives:

Not too shabby! The iconic Buscema image is still included (and presented in all its glory), while the solo version captures Namor at his angriest. That said, all four of these ignore Subby's Golden Age career, so here's a couple for the real old-timers in the crowd:

Yow! Sub-Mariner "running wild," and a triangle-headed solo shot to boot! What more could you ask for? True, some Nazis in the cover shot would be nice, but there's something about that "Runs Wild!" cover that can't be beat.

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