Friday, August 25, 2006

Awesome Album Covers #1

Here's a second recurring feature for you Beat It, Nerd readers: Awesome Album Covers! There's been a damn lot of them, and we're going to start things off with one of my faves -- and one you may have overlooked:

Bob Dylan's
John Wesley Harding!

If you're not already familiar with this seemingly normal album cover, you're probably saying to yourself, "What the hell's so awesome about that? Looks pretty boring to me, you dipshit." At a distance, sure. But lets zoom into that center picture, shall we?

What the? I mean, that's Dylan in the middle, sure enough... but who are the rest of those guys?! Is that his band? Was he jamming with an Indian dude, an old guy and Horatio Sanz's dad on this record? And is that cowbow hat at the bottom resting on something, or is a midget wearing it? All I know is, I wouldn't know what to do if I opened my door one day and found these geeks waiting on the other side.

Unfortunately, those dudes weren't his band, but it doesn't stop John Wesley Harding from having an Awesome Album Cover! Sa-lute!

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