Sunday, August 27, 2006

Those Who Can, Write; Those Who Can't, Write

Fellow On Time!-er The Far North End has tipped me off to horrible new technology that might make it possible for people to type by thinking. I call bullshit on that, as there are already far too many people writing who have no business doing so. Anyone who's ever taken a creative writing course in college can tell you that.

Unless you were one of the people in the class who couldn't write. In which case you were probably amazed by the high levels of writing talent found at your college. Idiot.

Fact is, just as with illustration, music and other art forms, some people have the talent to write, and some don't. No amount of classroom hours or practice will make a difference if you're in the latter camp. Yet writing seems to attract a higher number of "can't but think they can" types than any of its peers. Must be the easy-to-use interface and lack of required special equipment, especially with the rise of free online publishing. "Can'ts" don't chase dreams of being violinists for long, that's for sure.

If there was just some way to prove my point. Like, a website used by millions of people who think they can write when it's painfully obvious they cannot. You know, some place on the Web where people could leave "logs" about their daily lives for others to read. I bet that would attract bad writers in droves.

Ah well, guess you folks will just have to take my word for it. Shelton out.

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