Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Goddamn I Hate Being An Agent Of The Man

Nothing but a half-assed post for you fine readers. Why? Because I had to do employee evaluations tonight. Why? Because I'm in low-middle management. Why? Because I goofed off too much in college, barely graduating with a "C" average in English. English! What the hell was I thinking?!

Whatever. For the record, college was a blast. Writing employee evaluations? Not so much.

As with most things business-related, it seems these evaluations were a lot easier back in the 1970s. Boss calls dude/dudette into his office around raise time, and one of two things happens: A) The boss says, "Schmitty, you're doing a swell job -- you're getting a raise!" or B) The boss says, "Schmitty, you're really stinking up the place -- no raise for you!" No paperwork, no decimal-pointed scoring systems, no bullshit.

Plus, if it were still the '70s a guy with my job could afford to buy a house. Good luck doing that now, guy!

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